Accountant Continuing Education

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What Types of Accountant Continuing Education Are Offered?

Accountant Continuing Education

Using the Internet, your state's society of CPAs and contact with local schools and universities, you should be able to find the accountant continuing education programs you want to pursue. Decide on your goal, be it CPA exam review, a certificate in an accounting specialty, or further education in your current area of concentration. Then, consider classroom accounting cpe courses, self-study programs online, or seminar training, offered all around the United States as your best option. With almost 2,000 CPA cpe seminars available annually, you should find one or more close to home that interest you.

Your local education community will also offer numerous accountant continuing education courses. Using the ‘Net or telephone, secure a catalog of their cpe courses, which will give you titles, syllabus, cost and class times. Many employers will be most happy to reimburse you for the cost of your accounting cpe courses as you are bringing added value to their company. You should also learn if they will reimburse for accounting cpe online, as there are now too many choices to count that provide excellent self-study continuing education for accountants, many leading to full certificate recognition.



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