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What Type of School of Business Scholarships Are Available?

Available Business Scholarships

There is a good selection of business scholarships to consider. But, remember, doing a quick, superficial search may cost you thousands of dollars. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate, investigate and investigate, as many scholarships go unused every year because no students apply for them! Use the Internet to locate those scholarships and other financial aid targeted for business school students. Do not get discouraged if at first you find more advertisements than real scholarships. Keep at it.

Here are a few examples of scholarships that might not come to your mind at first thought:

  • American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • National Society of Accountants
  • USDA Public Service Leaders Scholarship
  • Government Finance Officers Association - Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • George A. Nielson Public Investor Scholarship

These are just a few examples of some scholarship opportunities for business and accounting students that you may not have known about. Be persistent. Use the Internet, your local library and your high school or prep school guidance people to help you out. You will find one or more scholarships that will help you get your degree in accounting or business.

Are There CPA Scholarships?

CPA Scholarships

There is a group of scholarships targeted to students wishing to become CPAs. Some are quite specific regarding background and educational achievements. For instance, The John L. Carey Scholarship is specifically for liberal arts degree holders (English, psychology, etc.) who want to pursue graduate work in accounting and become CPAs. In this case, applications are made directly to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Another CPA scholarship offered directly by the AICPA is the Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students. The American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants provides Attorney-CPA Foundation Scholarships for future CPA candidates who also might have an interest in earning a J.D. and becoming an attorney, too.

These are a few examples, but there are many more opportunities for CPA scholarships. Do an in-depth investigation of as many sources of financial aid as possible. Record every one for which you may be qualified. After you have compiled your list, investigate each one to learn if it's suitable for you. Then go after the CPA scholarships you want.

What Level of Scholarships and Financial Aid Are Available If I Want a Degree in Accounting?

Levels of Scholarships and Financial Aid For a Degree in Accounting

The key to your availability of scholarship money and both government and private educational loans is accreditation . Whether you are pursuing your degree in accounting on-campus or online, you will have scholarship and financial aid options that will give you the ability to cover most or all of your tuition and school expenses. Along with all local, state and national general scholarships and federal government education loans, you will have the ability to access some scholarships offered only to students pursuing a degree in accounting.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other professional accounting organizations offer numerous scholarships and other financial aid for students studying for a degree in accounting. Some of these would not only be very financially helpful to you, but might give you additional recognition with organizations and associations that you may want to embrace after your graduation with a degree in accounting.

Government education loans (Stafford and PLUS loans) are also available to complete your financial plan for earning a degree in accounting. With user-friendly interest rates and repayment plans (payments are not due until after you earn your degree), this financial aid will help you complete your tuition requirements.

I Need an Accounting Scholarship. What Should I Do?

Accounting Scholarships

First, you must search for scholarships and financial aid that is currently available. Understand that you might have to “fill in” some financial needs with education loans, but look for some scholarship money first. Not only are there many general and private scholarships available, but many go unused every year because no students applied. Use the Internet and your local library to investigate every opportunity that might fit your circumstances. There are many popular websites like, and others that can help you conduct a good search.

You will find a number of organizations, professional associations, fraternal societies, a number of other foundations and non-profit entities, as well as many Fortune 500 corporations that offer scholarships of varying sizes, often for specific areas of study, like accounting. When you find one or more that appear to fit your qualifications, don't wait. Apply for the aid as soon as you can. While you won't find organizations stating that their accounting scholarships are “first come, first served,” many organizations are understaffed and rely on volunteers to administer their scholarships. By applying as early as possible, you will demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for their scholarship program.

Remember, you will no doubt need a variety of scholarships to complete your financing plan, so do an extensive search. You might find some obscure accounting scholarship opportunities that are begging for qualified candidates like you to apply. They will be very happy to make your accounting education experience a more enjoyable one.

What Type of Scholarships for Accounting Majors Are Available?

Scholarships for Accounting Majors

Along with the many general local, state, national, fraternal, ethnic, and school scholarships, there are a variety of scholarships targeted to accounting major students. While some may be school originated, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and other organizations offer scholarship money to enrolled accounting students. In addition, there are even sub-categories within the accounting-directed specialty scholarships.

There are specific scholarships for accounting majors who are women, black, Latino, CPA directed, minority, from certain state's societies of accountants (Massachusetts Society of CPAs, New Hampshire CPAs and others), American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants and other geographic or professional associations and sources. You will find less competition for scholarships for accounting majors than you'd have with applying for the prominent general scholarship programs. This is a wonderful source of financial assistance. Some of these organizations also may have an educational loan program or can help get you a work-study arrangement at your school.

How Do I Get Financial Aid to Earn A Degree in Accounting?

Available Financial Aid to Earn A Degree in Accounting

The best advice for getting sufficient financial aid to get a degree in accounting is “Do your homework ! ” There are many sources of financial help, but you must find them. Use the Internet to begin your search and follow-up with your local library and directly with your school to make it all happen. As long as your school is properly accredited, you will be eligible for all the major sources of financial assistance, including grants, government and private loans and local, national, private and school scholarships.

First, research all of the possible financial sources for which you may qualify, many of which can be rather obscure. For instance, there is some type of scholarship offered by many cities, towns, states, fraternal organizations (Knights of Columbus, Masons, Elks, etc.), subject specialties (accounting, English, economics, etc.) and even ethnic-background specific aid. Second, government educational loan programs (Stafford loans, PLUS loans) and private financing (offered by many major banks, financial corporations, and others) are available with excellent repayment terms and low interest rates.
Remember that, unless your are one of the most outstanding students in the country or a bona fide national high school all-American in a major sport, which might earn you a full scholarship, you will need to put together a combination of more than one scholarship and loan program to make your financial puzzle complete. Do your research properly and your puzzle should work.

Is an Accounting Is an Accounting Scholarship Available If I’m Getting My Degree Online??

Available Accounting Scholarship With Online Degree Studies

As long as your online school is properly accredited, you will have access to all accounting scholarships and financial aid available to all students. There is a wide variety of scholarship money and other financial aid available to current students. Online accounting degrees are becoming better respected and the flexibility offered through online programs increases their attractiveness.

Find excellent information using the Internet, which has a wonderful selection of websites with scholarship data that will help you find the ones that might be perfect for you. Along with the general scholarship universe, there are many awards directed to accounting students, a number of which go unused because of a lack of applicants. Be diligent and persistent with your search for accounting scholarships and you will find more than one that fits your qualifications and master plan. Online programs will give you access to all the accounting scholarship programs available to students in on-campus programs. Just be sure that your online institution is properly accredited so you can have access to these financial aids.

I’m Looking for Scholarships for Business Majors. Where Can I Find Information?

Scholarships for Business Majors

There are a number of choices for scholarships for business majors, many of which are under- used with few applicants. Do not disregard the more well-known general scholarships, but be sure to go the extra mile and investigate the lesser known opportunities. Using the Internet to conduct your initial search will direct you to many valuable websites that will give you excellent scholarship information.

As a business major, there are scholarship opportunities just for you. When you locate an opportunity targeted to business majors, don't hesitate to apply for the scholarship if you qualify. Opportunities like these do not attract the volume of applicants that many better known scholarships do. Applying early for one of these awards displays your interest, enthusiasm and commitment to reach your goal. Sometimes it is these intangibles that can make the difference between winning and losing a financial package. From the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to many state accountants' associations, to a number of Fortune 500 companies, to a number of lesser-known business organizations, there are many available scholarships tailored for business school students.

What Are Some Options to Get an Accounting Scholarship?

Options to Get an Accounting Scholarship

The first thing you must do is select a school that is accredited in your major. Accounting scholarships and financial aid are available if your institution is accredited properly. The word “properly” is also important in the event your school has been accredited by an obscure or inappropriate agency. If your program is properly accredited, you will have access to a variety of scholarships and financial aid.

Financial aid covers a wide path. The world of accounting scholarships and financial aid is comprised of the following.

  • Grants
  • Government Loans
  • Private Loans
  • Scholarships – provided by your school or private sources
  • Work-Study Programs – which offer tuition deferral or forgiveness while you are a student and perform work for the university

A fast and efficient way to get your information gathering underway is to visit (Free Application for Federal Student Aid website) and (which is a good source of local, national, and school scholarships) and, which will give you initial information on many sources of financial aid. But don't stop there, as examining options for accounting scholarships and financial aid works much like a puzzle as you put the available pieces together.

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