Length of Time to Get an Accounting Ph.D. Online

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How Long Does It Take to Get an Accounting PhD Online?

Length of Time to Get an Accounting Ph.D. Online

In on campus doctoral programs, the normal time frame is three to five years from start through dissertation completion. To earn an accounting Ph.D. online, the time frames may be similar or very different. There are a few reasons for the differences. An on-campus situation means that your classroom study and research activities are based on scheduling class times and availability of research facilities – on the university's time frame, not yours. Accounting doctoral programs online will give you more time flexibility for either class or research, some schools even offer 24/7/365 access. Another difference: on-campus universities strongly discourage full-time professional employment while you are a doctoral candidate so you can totally focus on your studies and research. Because of the flexibility of Accounting Ph.D. programs online, many students keep their full-time professional jobs and perform their doctoral studies and research in every available off hour.

Therefore, if you are earning your accounting Ph.D. online, depending on your personal wishes and professional schedule, you might finish your studies and dissertation in a shorter period or, often, a much longer period of time. The choice is yours and the flexibility of the accounting doctoral program you select.



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