Accounting Doctoral Programs

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What Are Accounting Doctoral Programs?

Accounting Doctoral Programs

The highest level of education in the United States, Canada and many European countries is the doctorate. Accounting doctoral programs validate that designation holders are the best of the best. The level of knowledge, understanding and expertise required to complete an accounting doctoral program indicates that all who successfully complete their studies are at the pinnacle of the accounting profession.

Completing a properly accredited accounting doctoral program qualifies one to teach at a college level, perform the highest level of research for “think tanks,” government agencies, international organizations, etc. and/or write and publish scholarly works on the subject. Accounting doctoral programs are often a bit different than other doctoral level specialties since much of the subject matter is technical (like an engineering doctorate) and the creativity factor is sometimes more challenging. Should you successfully complete an accounting Ph.D. program or a D.B.A., you will enter a rather small and exclusive fraternity of experts. You have more flexibility than in past years, since there are accounting doctoral programs that you can complete either mostly or totally online. This path may or may not reduce overall requirements, but it often can make earning this prestigious designation a bit easier and more time efficient.



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