Time Period to Earn an Associate's Degree in Accounting

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How Long Does It Take to Earn an Associate Degree in Accounting?

Time Period to Earn an Associate's Degree in Accounting

The normal time frame to earn an Associate degree in accounting is 24 months. Depending on your time availability, you might compress the learning period to 15 to 18 months if the school permits accelerated learning. Most schools will also allow you to extend the period to graduation should that be necessary because of your schedule or finances. If you follow the normal 2 year schedule, your course selections should fit the time frame cleanly

Should you choose to accelerate or decelerate your accounting training, you need to examine when needed courses are offered. Some may be offered one semester but not another. Should you decide to pursue an online Associate's degree in accounting, you may find you have more flexible options. Whatever your preferred time frame to complete your course requirements, you might have the ability to “mix ‘n' match” your courses each semester to make the process work more efficiently for you. With often a more dynamic menu of course selections when you want them, you might have more success structuring your learning plan. You should be aware that, should you wish to accelerate your graduation date, you will still have time constraints since some courses are dependent on the successful completion of others before you are allowed to take them. If you plan on 18 to 24 months, you should be able to reach your graduation date in this period.



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