CPA Exam Cost and Exam Dates

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What Does It Cost to Take the CPA Examination and When Is It Given?

CPA Exam Cost and Exam Dates

The CPA examination is uniform in all states in the U.S. It is a four-part examination prepared and scored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The exam, however, is administered by every state's CPA Board of Accountancy, which also sets the fees. Be sure to check with your state's CPA Board of Accountancy to learn the cost in your jurisdiction.

The CPA examination is a 2-day event and now offered quarterly in multiple testing centers around your state. There are four parts, all of which are quite challenging, resulting in an interesting CPA exam statistic. On average, only about 25 percent to 50 percent of the candidates who take it each year pass every part given. Luckily, you are not required to pass the entire exam at once, but most jurisdictions mandate that you pass at least half (two out of the four parts) for partial credit. Then you must sit for and pass the remaining sections within a certain time period as defined by your state. The CPA examination is now computer-based so you can leave your pencil and paper at home. Finally, if you are a new university graduate, check with your state's Board of Accountancy to see if they require applicants for CPA certification to have some accounting experience. If they do, while this should not pose a serious problem for you, it may delay your ability to sit for the exam for six months to a year.



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