Available Jobs If I Graduate from One of the Top Accounting Schools

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What Type of Jobs Can I Get If I Graduate from One of the Top Accounting Schools?

Available Jobs If I Graduate from One of the Top Accounting Schools

While your career choices are not totally infinite (brain surgery or quantum physics might be a stretch), you will have a wide vista of employment opportunities if you graduate from a top accounting school. Public accounting, private industry, government agencies, non-profit organizations and international entities are all highly interested in talented graduates of top accounting programs. Since accounting is the “language” of all domestic and international business, there are many lucrative career paths available.

There are many positions that require accounting certification (CPA, CMA, CIA) and others that require only a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting (or a Bachelors combined with a Masters or MBA). If you are planning on a career in public accounting, you will need to earn CPA certification, which you can do upon graduation or shortly into your employment tenure.

Job titles such as Accountant, Senior Accountant, Accounting Manager, Controller, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Treasurer are one popular career path. Another lucrative choice is Internal Auditor, Senior Internal Auditor, Internal Audit Manager and Vice President – Internal Audit. The range of choices is wide and includes financial entities (banking and investment firms), government (Internal Revenue Service, General Services Administration, etc.), health care, nonprofit (Red Cross, American Heart Association, etc.) and many more.



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