Accounting Schools Offer Online Degrees

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Can I Earn a Degree with a Major in Accounting Online?

Accounting Schools Offer Online Degrees

There are now some good accounting schools offering Associate's, Bachelor's, and sometimes, Master's degrees online. A business accounting program is an excellent use of online education since most of the core courses are best mastered through the repetition of problem solving, which can be done at home. The classroom interaction that a student sometimes misses through online education is much less important in accounting programs.

You now have a choice between those accounting schools who specialize in offering top accounting programs online and traditional on-campus universities that now offer distance learning through the Internet. If you are currently working in a position you enjoy and/or for an employer you like, an online program at one of the top business schools may be perfect for you.

If you have already earned an Associate's or Bachelor's degree and wish to go further without interrupting your full-time career, an online program leading to a Master's accounting degree program or the awarding of a certificate in a specialty, like forensics or taxation, is an excellent idea. As long as you are enrolled in an accredited accounting school, credits should be transferable should you decide to move to an on-campus environment or switch schools.



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