Evaluating Accounting Programs and Schools

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How Should I Evaluate Accounting Programs and Schools?

Evaluating Accounting Programs and Schools

Accounting core courses should all be similar, regardless of the accounting school. Advanced courses and electives available should be important factors in your evaluation process. These can differ from school to school and can make a large difference to your future satisfaction with your university. It's also important to evaluate the courses offered in relation to your future career plans.

If your goal is to pursue a career in public accounting, you should examine the auditing and forensic accounting course offerings. If private industry, government, or international accounting intrigues you, the management-oriented courses will be important. Should your goal be a teaching career, you might want a decent selection of accounting theory courses to build a knowledge base that will translate well to education, both in practice and graduate school.

In addition to a scholastic evaluation, you should also be pragmatic. The courses you elect should be useful and your school should have a good track record for placing graduates in professional positions. Be honest. Unless your goal is graduate school or a budding teaching career, you have selected accounting as your major because of current and future employment opportunities. You should investigate the“employment” statistics of varying accounting programs. Find out how successful graduates have been in securing employment with good firms. Check in with alumni offices to learn information on graduates' career achievements. Those accounting schools with a record of excellent graduate employment statistics should be seriously considered.



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