Accounting Scholarships

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I Need an Accounting Scholarship. What Should I Do?

Accounting Scholarships

First, you must search for scholarships and financial aid that is currently available. Understand that you might have to “fill in” some financial needs with education loans, but look for some scholarship money first. Not only are there many general and private scholarships available, but many go unused every year because no students applied. Use the Internet and your local library to investigate every opportunity that might fit your circumstances. There are many popular websites like, and others that can help you conduct a good search.

You will find a number of organizations, professional associations, fraternal societies, a number of other foundations and non-profit entities, as well as many Fortune 500 corporations that offer scholarships of varying sizes, often for specific areas of study, like accounting. When you find one or more that appear to fit your qualifications, don't wait. Apply for the aid as soon as you can. While you won't find organizations stating that their accounting scholarships are “first come, first served,” many organizations are understaffed and rely on volunteers to administer their scholarships. By applying as early as possible, you will demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for their scholarship program.

Remember, you will no doubt need a variety of scholarships to complete your financing plan, so do an extensive search. You might find some obscure accounting scholarship opportunities that are begging for qualified candidates like you to apply. They will be very happy to make your accounting education experience a more enjoyable one.



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