Available Business Scholarships

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What Type of School of Business Scholarships Are Available?

Available Business Scholarships

There is a good selection of business scholarships to consider. But, remember, doing a quick, superficial search may cost you thousands of dollars. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and investigate, investigate and investigate, as many scholarships go unused every year because no students apply for them! Use the Internet to locate those scholarships and other financial aid targeted for business school students. Do not get discouraged if at first you find more advertisements than real scholarships. Keep at it.

Here are a few examples of scholarships that might not come to your mind at first thought:

  • American Woman's Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • National Society of Accountants
  • USDA Public Service Leaders Scholarship
  • Government Finance Officers Association - Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • George A. Nielson Public Investor Scholarship

These are just a few examples of some scholarship opportunities for business and accounting students that you may not have known about. Be persistent. Use the Internet, your local library and your high school or prep school guidance people to help you out. You will find one or more scholarships that will help you get your degree in accounting or business.



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