Undergraduate Accounting Certificate Programs

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What Are Undergraduate Accounting Certificate Programs?

Undergraduate Accounting Certificate Programs

There are programs that offer a certificate for those who have not yet earned a Bachelor's degree in accounting. Others certificates are offered only to those who have already earned their Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. The requirements to receive a certificate are usually based on completion of 15 to 40 credit hours of courses. For those who have not yet earned a degree in accounting, earning a certificate will enhance their promotional possibilities with their employer and/or satisfy many of the foundation course requirements for further study towards an accounting Bachelor's degree. A certificate program can also be of great benefit to non-accounting managers and supervisors wishing to improve their knowledge of the subject. Most undergraduate certificate programs provide students with a complete base knowledge of accounting. Many Bachelor's degree level courses are offered allowing the student to use this program to provide core information for career advancement or to begin formal study toward an accounting undergraduate degree with a major head start.

Some certificate programs are targeted toward a particular specialty. Be it taxation, quantitative analysis, forensic or international accounting, or CPA certification, you can find a certificate program that will get your undergraduate program moving, improve your career, provide specialized knowledge, or help you become a Certified Public Accountant.



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