Traditional Schools Offer Online Accounting Degree Programs

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Do Traditional, On Campus Schools Offer Online Accounting Degree Programs?

Traditional Schools Offer Online Accounting Degree Programs

For many years traditional, on-campus colleges and universities refrained from offering online accounting degrees, or any other degrees, for that matter. However, the continued and growing success of Internet-based online schools has reminded many campus-based institutions that education is also a business. To continue to provide quality education, all schools need students and their tuition monies. Therefore, now you have a good selection of universities to earn an accounting degree online. They often prefer to call their online accounting degree programs “distance learning,” but many offer pure online Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in accounting. Some also now offer the ability to earn an online Master's degree in accounting.

Avoid the potential mistake of automatically assuming that campus-based institutions will give you a better accounting education online than Internet-based universities. A good school is a good school, period. Many of the online colleges and universities have a great deal of experience offering courses and degrees, and have perfected accounting education online. Many have more experience creating online accounting courses, subject presentation and time flexibility (a large benefit for you). As long as you are earning an accredited online accounting degree, the quality of your online accounting degree will be equal to many campus-based institutions now offering online courses.



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