Earn an Accredited Online Accounting Degree

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Why Is It Important to Earn an Accredited Online Accounting Degree?

Earn an Accredited Online Accounting Degree

All colleges and universities offering accredited online accounting degrees, and all other course offerings, have been “accredited” by an agency or source. Like everything else, all accrediting sources are not created equal. Accreditation, according to elearners.com, is often defined as “a validation process by which institutions of higher education are evaluated against established standards to ensure a high level of educational quality.” It is important to note that, unlike many other countries, accreditation in the United States is not performed by a government agency but is the responsibility of private accreditation agencies. The U.S. government's role is only that of examining the various accreditation agencies to ensure they are holding true to their purpose. You should also get more information about the agency that provided accreditation to a school in which you have interest so you can be equally comfortable.
An accredited online accounting degree is important because many major employers refuse to give credit to job candidates who have earned degrees from non-accredited schools. You do not need to spend many dollars and hours of study time earning a designation that is not accepted by corporate America. Accreditation is also important to you personally as it denotes that some agency has examined the course content of your school and has given its “stamp of approval” that you are receiving a quality accounting education online. There are both regional and national accreditation agencies in the U.S. and you should have little trouble learning about any of them on the web.



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