Some Reasons to Pursue Careers in Accounting

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What Are Some Reasons to Pursue Accounting as a Career?

Some Reasons to Pursue Careers in Accounting

There are many opportunities for those seeking accounting careers. The compensation is very good, the promotional opportunities are many and the jobs are stimulating and challenging. An accountant salary tends to be above the average even in an entry-level situation. Compensation for careers in accounting tend to directly follow responsibility level. While this, of course, is true for most professional positions, it is almost a universal law in an accounting career.

Compensation level, job challenge and access to progressive opportunity are the primary concerns of most college students. An accounting career fulfills these desires perfectly. As late as 20 years ago, if you wanted a Chief Operating Officer (COO), President, or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) title next to your name, you would have had to move from the accounting division to marketing or operations in your company. No longer. Many of the top senior officer positions in companies of all sizes now come from the accounting and finance divisions.

Even if you start your career in public accounting (with a CPA firm), your relationship with the firm's clients can often lead to senior accounting positions with private or public companies, or even the opportunity to purchase a business to fulfill your entrepreneurial goals.



12/13/2011 6:08:31 AM
Abi said:

enjoy accounting everyone :)

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Abi said:

enjoy accounting everyone :)


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