A Career in Accounting

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What Can I Do With a Degree in Accounting?

A Career in Accounting

You will have a full spectrum of choices if you have earned one or more degrees in accounting. Accounting salaries are among the highest in all business sectors. Since accounting is the language of business, a career in accounting continues to be popular regardless of the state of the economy. Accounting degree jobs are available in all levels of compensation and in almost any industry that appeals to you. Even if you decide to be an entrepreneur and start your own company, you should have at least a basic comprehension of accounting since the results of your operations, financing, expansion, pricing and operating expense control are all expressed in accounting terms. Many business experts have long stated that the one concentration at a Bachelor's degree level that is most important to business students, regardless of your future industry desires, is accounting.

Therefore, a degree in accounting will give you a solid basis to start your career path. Don't forget state and federal government positions. While public service does not require profit (as all taxpayers are acutely aware), their operations are also dependent on accounting talent to express the results of their operations, for better or worse. Even an almost pure accounting career description is needed to be a revenue agent for the Internal Revenue Service, a banking industry examiner, an insurance examiner or a college or proprietary school accreditation examiner. As you can see, your professional career future is bright if you hold a degree in accounting.



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