Continuing Education For CPA's

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Is Continuing Education For CPA’s Recommended or Required?

Continuing Education For CPA's

Continuing education for CPA's is both recommended and required. Accounting cpe is highly recommended as much of the accountant's professional universe is constantly changing. Tax laws are revised or at least tweaked, financial disclosure rules are changed, and Generally Accepting Accounting Principles (GAAP) are modified on a regular basis. To remain at the height of your expertise and to increase your value to your employer (and future employers), continuing education for CPA's is highly recommended throughout your career.

If you are about to become a CPA, you should know that continuing education for CPAs is a requirement to maintain your license. Should you want to become a member of the prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), you are required to complete accountant cpe's on an annual basis. The continuing education for CPA requirements are set by the various states' societies of CPAs or Boards of Accountancy. For instance, Texas requires that you complete 120 cpe's in a three year period, with a minimum requirement of at least 20 cpe's in any given year. With 2,000 CPA cpe seminars annually, there are ample opportunities to satisfy your accountant cpe requirements. Most state licensors also accept qualified accounting cpe online courses if you prefer to follow that course.

Check with your state's society of CPA's to learn what the continuing education for CPAs requirement is and verify that the self-study online programs you want to complete are accepted for full credit.



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