CPA CPE Seminars

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How Can I Learn About CPA CPE Seminars?

CPA CPE Seminars

There are numerous CPA cpe seminars all around the United States for in-person study and another selection of accounting cpe online options. In 2007, almost 2,000 CPA cpe seminars and courses will be offered. Almost 1,700 public seminars are scheduled through various states' societies of CPAs and another 300 in-house seminars are offered through public accounting firms and major corporations.

Use the Internet to locate one or more CPA cpe seminars. For example, Surgent McCoy, LLP ( is one of the leading repositories for seminar information, as well as a wide variety of accounting cpe online self-study courses. Another good example is DMOZ Open Directory of accountant cpe (, which provides you with a large assortment of information. You will locate many CPA cpe seminars that are narrowly targeted to a variety of accounting specialty areas of concentration. Seminar periods normally run from four to 16 hours or longer, depending on the subject and volume of information to be dispensed. You are almost guaranteed to find the CPA cpe seminars you want to further your career.



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