CPA Exam Prep Courses

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Where Can I Find CPA Exam Prep Courses?

CPA Exam Prep Courses

There are many opportunities to find CPA examination preparatory courses as part of the universe of continuing education for CPAs. Let the Internet guide you to the type of pre-exam education you want. Online sites, like, provide information on a variety of CPA exam prep courses and other designations. You also have choices about the type of review course you'd like to take. You can opt for on-campus/in-classroom study in most states if you're more comfortable in that setting. If you'd rather do your review online, you still have two choices. Should you want to study with a professor to guide and lead you, you have that option. If pure self-study is more attractive, you can choose that method.

In all circumstances, you want a course that targets its curriculum directly for the CPA examination. Even if you are a new graduate with a Bachelor's degree in accounting, the CPA exam is different than college tests. CPA candidates usually derive great benefit from taking a review course. You will find many choices of review courses so examine all your options and use your personal network. Talk to friends and family who have taken CPA review courses in the past. Get their opinions on the courses they took, as a personal referral is always valuable, even if you decide a friend's decision is not right for you.



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