Available Professional Opportunities If You Earn a Ph.D. in Accounting

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What Type of Professional Opportunities Are Available If I Complete a PhD Program in Accounting?

Available Professional Opportunities If You Earn a Ph.D. in Accounting

Like all other holders of an earned doctorate, you will be pleased with the opportunities and compensation offered if you complete a Ph.D. program in accounting. If possible, decide before you begin your studies what direction you want your professional life to take. Do you want to teach college level courses? Perform high level research for private industry, government or international organizations? Achieve promotion to senior level management? These career paths will provide different opportunities and lifestyle situations.

Should you choose a teaching career, you will now have the credentials to pursue a tenure track position at a college or university. Compensation levels, depending on the reputation of your institution, will range from $50,000 to $100,000 or more. From think tanks to universities, to multi-national corporations, to governments, research opportunities will be available for you to pursue in the United States and many foreign countries. You can decide what professional settings most interest you. As you can imagine, compensation levels vary dramatically depending on your employer, your subject of expertise and the level or research you're performing. But all salaries offered will be well above the average.

If your ultimate goal is a very senior management position in private industry, you might also consider earning a Doctorate in Business Administration (D.B.A.) instead of a Ph.D. Some corporations differentiate the stronger focus on the application of theory (D.B.A.) versus the development of theory (Ph.D.), believing the application more important than the theory for their corporate purposes. But, don't worry; both designations will earn you compensation levels in excess of $100,000 per year when you achieve your goals.



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