Finding Information on Accounting Ph.D. Programs

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Where Can I Find Information on Accounting PhD Programs?

Finding Information on Accounting Ph.D. Programs

There are many sources of information on the Internet and your local library that provide useful information on accounting Ph.D. programs. With the ability to earn a D.B.A. or an accounting Ph.D. online, the choice of schools and programs has never been larger. You will locate many websites that provide links to both online and on-campus universities, wherein you can learn a great deal about their accounting doctoral programs. While at their websites, verify their accreditation, including the accrediting agency. You can then investigate the agency to verify that the accreditation has value.

Your local library is another source that should have excellent reference material pertaining to both online and on-campus Ph.D. programs in accounting. You should examine both information published by the schools you are considering and also investigate non-related third party publications that discuss your favored institutions. If you find an apparently wide variance in the information, you should continue your research to verify that the accounting Ph.D. program offered is a good fit for you. Finding the right accounting doctoral program for you often requires you to research deeper than you might for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree because of the lack of standardization at the doctoral level.



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