Evaluating Accounting Ph.D. Programs

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How Should I Evaluate Accounting PhD Programs?

Evaluating Accounting Ph.D. Programs

Accounting Ph.D. programs come in a variety of flavors. Some are just interesting, but have little acceptance in the business, research or education communities. Others, much more demanding to complete, are accepted globally by all relevant business and education sectors. Assuming you want to teach, perform research or hold a senior officer level in private industry or government, you must earn your Ph.D. in accounting from a properly accredited institution, either online or on campus.

Do extensive research to locate the accounting Ph.D. programs that match your interests, time expectations, course and exam requirements and dissertation expectations that you feel you can meet. Even with a rather technical specialty like accounting, the process of completing an accounting Ph.D. online or on campus can be vastly different from school to school. Another important consideration is the availability of a mentor as part your many doctoral programs. Do you want one? Can you see the value of a mentoring program, which is required by many Ph.D. programs? All of these considerations are important to your evaluation of accounting Ph.D. programs.



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