How To Select a Ph.D. Program in Accounting

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How Should I Select a PhD Program in Accounting?

How To Select a Ph.D. Program in Accounting

At the risk of sounding like your seventh grade teacher, “do your homework!” Use the Internet as your first reference source and learn as much as you can about the course offerings, the examination process and the dissertation requirements of any Ph.D. Program in accounting that sparks your interest. Your career plans should match the program you select.

Are you going to teach at the college level? Do you want to perform high level research? Is your “sheepskin” merely going to fill up space on the wall of your den? If you have no professional plans to use your accounting Ph.D., you could opt for one of the many “quickie” doctorates that have little, if any, acceptance in the business or education community. However, if you are planning on teaching, performing serious research, or progressing to senior management in private industry, you must be sure that after years of hard work and expense, your doctoral designation will be accepted.

The course requirements, examination process and dissertation expectations are primary to your selection process. A suitable accounting doctoral program should have course requirements that match your interest areas. If you are comfortable with oral exams, as many doctoral programs require, there is no problem. Should these pose a problem for you, selecting a program that only requires a written exam might be better. You need to learn if you are required to write a thesis-level or dissertation-level final document. The size and depth of this document can vary widely. All of these components are important in your selection of the best PhD program in accounting for you.



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