Locating Good Accounting Ph.D. Programs

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What Are Some Choices for Locating Good Accounting PhD Programs?

Locating Good Accounting Ph.D. Programs

While not as numerous as some other common Ph.D. concentrations, there remains a good variety of choices for people wishing to earn an accounting Ph.D. An equivalent is a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), which is offered by some universities. The Internet is the perfect vehicle to perform your preliminary search for institutions that might have the accounting doctoral program you want.

You must understand that earning a doctorate is neither quick nor easy. Beware of any accounting Ph.D. programs that offer an easy course load, minimal requirements and/or a true fast track to the awarding of the degree: Unless you simply want a doctoral designation attached to your name with no plans of using it for anything but a wall decoration, find a legitimate Ph.D. program in accounting. Be sure it is recognized by the business community, the research community and the education community.

While always important, a university's accreditation becomes more important in a doctoral setting. Examine a school's accreditation information carefully, including the agency that awarded the designation and ensure that their accreditation is accepted by the business and education community. If you're considering earning your Ph.D. in accounting online, verify any on-campus residency requirements, oral or written examination locations (at home via the Internet or must you travel to St. Louis?), and an expected length of your thesis or dissertation. A 100-page dissertation is vastly different from a 450-page document.



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