What to Consider About An Associate's Degree in Accounting

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What Should I Consider If I’m Thinking About Getting an Associates Degree in Accounting?

What to Consider About An Associate's Degree in Accounting

When considering earning an Associate's degree in accounting, you should give thought to your current and future career plans. People with degrees in accounting (from Associate's through Master's levels) are always in demand. If you are not yet sure whether your long term career will involve serving as an accountant, either public or in private industry, an Associate's degree in accounting might be perfect for you. Since you can earn an associates degree in accounting in two years versus a four-year accounting Bachelor's degree, you should understand the intrinsic trade-off. You will enter the job market two years earlier, but at a lower compensation level.

There are four primary reasons to consider getting an Associate's Degree in accounting:

  1. You are unsure whether a long term career in accounting is the right choice for you but you think it might be. An Associate's degree in accounting would give you a wonderful “taste” of the profession, give you college credits that are eminently transferable and, worse case, increase your current compensation.
  2. You work for an employer you like and future advancement opportunities are attractive if you improve your educational background. Instead of looking at a four or more year window to earn an accounting degree, you can complete requirements for an associate's degree in accounting in two years or less.
  3. You are working in an accounting-related position as an accounting assistant, bookkeeper, or similar support position and want to increase your education credentials in your field to improve your position at your current employer or help your marketability in a job change situation.
  4. You are a budding entrepreneur and realize that the scorecard for the world of business is the accounting report. You realize that regardless of the business idea you will follow, accounting issues will be the real world measure of your success.
Accounting training is valuable for everyone who has targeted or works in the world of business. The level of expertise needed to achieve your goals is up to you.



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