Benefits of an Accounting Associate's Degree

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What Are the Benefits of an Accounting Associate Degree?

Benefits of an Accounting Associate's Degree

You would enjoy a number of excellent choices after you earn an accounting Associate's degree. First, and often most important of all, your earning power will take a significant move upward. Should you already be working in a “going nowhere” job, you will have a whole new vista of employment choices, at higher compensation than you now receive. Second, as every education advisor would tell you, even if you have decided to become an entrepreneur, a basic understanding of the “language” of accounting is the most important core of study you could select. Whether your passion is physical retail, e-commerce, wholesale or eBay, your “scorecard” of success or failure will be expressed in the language of accountancy. Third, if you believe a Bachelor's degree in accounting is your goal, but you're not totally sure just yet, an accounting Associate's degree will provide you the core subjects you can transfer to a four-year program. Fourth, if you are with an employer you like and in a position, such as assistant bookkeeper, auditing clerk, or similar accounting-related support or clerical function, and believe you'd like to stay with this employer and improve your promotional prospects, an accounting Associate's degree might give you the best of all worlds.



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