Popular Jobs with an Associate's Degree in Accounting

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What Type of Jobs Could I Get With an Associates Degree in Accounting?

Popular Jobs with an Associate's Degree in Accounting

Employers in almost all industries are interested in Associate degree in accounting graduates. You will qualify for entry-level jobs in the accounting field, like accounting assistant, bookkeeper or management trainee in a variety of settings. You may also be qualified to serve as an entry-level auditor, auditing assistant or even income tax preparer in an accounting firm.

Both you and your employer will benefit from your associate degree in accounting. Employers have interest because they can hire new graduates at a lower compensation level than a Bachelor's degree holder and determine if you become a good fit for their firm. If you are unsure if the accounting profession is truly for you, your benefits are even better. You will have the opportunity to begin your career early, gain some valuable experience, and be able to decide if the profession is what you want. If it is, you might find your employer is willing to reimburse part or even all of your tuition expenses as you go forward to earn your Bachelor's degree. Should you decide a full time career in accounting is no longer your goal, many, if not all of your credits from your Associate degree in accounting will be accepted at a four-year university which offers you the new major field of study you want. It is a win-win situation for you.



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