Projected Earnings With a Masters Degree in Accounting

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What Can I Expect to Earn If I Have a Masters Degree in Accounting?

Projected Earnings With a Masters Degree in Accounting

Assuming you have limited or no real professional experience, your beginning compensation will vary by job title and geographical location. Here are some statistics compiled by PayScale, an online research firm that provides salary and benefit information for both employees and employers. The compensation levels shown are median figures for the U.S. as a whole for job titles filled by people with MBA or MBA in accounting degrees.

  • Controller: $78,700
  • Financial Analyst: $54,100
  • Senior Financial Analyst: $70,800
  • Chief Financial Officer: $122,900
  • Information Technology Manager: $83,600

Do not be mesmerized by these numbers for better or worse. If you work in or very near one of the larger cities in the U.S., like New York, Boston, Chicago or Los Angeles, you could earn 25 percent to 40 percent more than “median” salaries. As you gather experience, you will also enjoy compensation that can be considerably higher than any average calculated value. If you decide to earn a CPA certification, you will have the option to follow a public accounting path or serve as an officer, such as CFO, within a company. Either professional action plan will provide an excellent compensation package.



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