Length of Accounting Graduate Programs

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How Long Are Accounting Graduate Programs?

Length of Accounting Graduate Programs

The time requirement to complete accounting graduate programs varies by your major and school. A standard campus program normally takes between 15 and 18 months, depending on how aggressive your course selection may be. Online Master's degree in accounting programs may allow you to accelerate your studies, depending on the foundation courses, your time availability,and the maximum number of credits your school will allow you to take each semester. Some online programs advertise that a student may complete all degree requirements in only 10 to 12 months.

Much depends on the number of credit hours required to earn your new degree. You should plan on at least 30 credit hours to qualify for graduation, but some may require up to 40 credit hours. If you desire to combine your studies to earn an accounting MBA, you will often have degree requirements from around 36 to as many as 55 credit hours or more. Also, some accounting graduate programs are tailored for students planning on a public accounting career and earning a CPA designation. Many states have an education requirement, which now is a 150-hour education requirement for CPA candidates. Consequently, some programs are tailored to meet these requirements.

Examine programs that appear to fit your career goals, consider your available study time and calculate your projected graduation date based on the required credit hours necessary to earn your degree.



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