Graduate Accounting Certificate Programs

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What Are Graduate Accounting Certificate Programs?

Graduate Accounting Certificate Programs

There are numerous schools that offer certificates in accounting graduate programs. Forensic accounting related certificates are popular with titles like Financial Crimes Certificates and Fraud Investigation Certificates. Others are offered only to those who have earned their Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. You may also opt for a Graduate Certificate in Accounting to further your expertise. Most of the certificate programs in accounting graduate school are designed to provide additional expertise to people already in mid-level to upper-level management positions . Those who are seeking to join this management group will also benefit from graduate certificate programs in their primary area of specialization or to assist a shift in specialty.
The course hour requirements differ greatly depending on the nature and depth of the program. Some certificates can be earned with as little as six to 12 credit hours, while others may require over 15 credit hours. Some schools offer certificates with a combination of subjects, such as accounting and finance, finance and information systems or even accounting and fraud management. If your goal is to receive a CPA designation, you may want to consider earning a “certificate to help you earn a certificate” so to speak. This is a certificate program designed to help you pass the uniform Certified Public Accountant examination. While this examination naturally has different questions each year, research provides data predicting the propensity for certain question areas and some certificate programs concentrate on these probabilities.



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