Accounting Master's Degree or MBA?

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As an Accounting Major in College, Should I Pursue an Accounting Master’s Degree or an MBA?

Accounting Master's Degree or MBA?

If you have earned a Bachelor's degree in accounting, you might choose to obtain an accounting Master's degree, an MBA, or, a combination of both. A classic Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) will give you some graduate level accounting-related courses, in addition to numerous management, financial, economic and other business-related training. A Master's degree in accounting will specialize in mostly accounting-related coursework. Both graduate programs will give you a significant advantage over your peers who have earned a Bachelor's degree.

However, a relatively new option is being offered by a number of online institutions: the Accounting MBA. If you would like to earn an MBA, but also stay with the accounting specialization, this program might be perfect for you. You will find programs titled “Master of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance” and “Master of Business Administration – Accounting.” Another choice of interest to many is an "MBA – Accounting and Information Systems," which includes concentrations in both accounting and computer technology. If you believe your future career goals involve high level management positions, as well as accounting expertise, an Accounting MBA may work best for you.



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