Online Master's Degree in Accounting

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Can I Earn A Masters Degree in Accounting Online?

Online Master's Degree in Accounting

There are now a number of colleges and universities that offer Master's accounting degrees online. While many schools offer electronic-only accounting degrees on a graduate level, some traditional on-campus institutions offer graduate level courses online, too. An online Master's degree program offers the same basic course catalogue as those you'd find on a campus. Accounting degrees are great online programs because so much learning activity comes from “repetition,” actually making accounting entries, preparing financial statements, etc. Similar to learning a foreign language or playing football, the three most important things involved in mastery are practice, practice, and practice.

Since you have already earned a Bachelor's degree, your base knowledge has already been established. Accounting graduate programs further enhance your depth of knowledge and will allow you to tackle more sophisticated accounting issues, thereby increasing your professional responsibility level. An accounting Master's degree will also allow you to begin specializing, if you wish, in forensic accounting, taxation, international or governmental accounting. If your goal is to earn – or you have already earned – a CPA designation, the additional knowledge and credentials you gain will further enhance your value to your current and future employers. By seeking an accounting degree online, you can also progress at your chosen rate of speed, either accelerating or decelerating your studies.



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