Popular Jobs If You Have a Master Degree in Accounting

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What Type of Jobs Can I Get With a Masters Degree in Accounting?

Popular Jobs If You Have a Master Degree in Accounting

Regardless of your Bachelor's degree major, if you earn a Master degree in accounting you will interest employers in all industries. Since accounting is the language of business, there will be many opportunities open to you. Whether you decide to practice accounting as a CPA, hold a financial position in a private company, enter the growing world of nonprofit entities or enter state or federal government service, your Master degree in accounting will make you an attractive candidate for meaningful positions.

The job titles of Accountant, Senior Accountant, Controller, CPA (you must earn your certificate through a national examination), Auditor, Senior Auditor, Financial Analyst, Forensic Accountant/Auditor, Tax Preparer, Tax Examiner (employed by the Internal Revenue Service), Vice President – Finance, Treasurer, or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) are all within your reach. With compensation levels often well exceeding $100,000 per year, these career tracks, combined with continuing education, will provide you with a very rewarding and challenging professional life. Using graduate certificate programs would further enhance your marketability after you begin to gain experience in the areas that interest you.



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