Some Jobs Require a CPA Certification

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What Type of Jobs Require a CPA Certification?

Some Jobs Require a CPA Certification

There are some positions that require accounting certification, some that “prefer” a certificate and others which require only a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, but prefer an additional level of education (MBA, CMA, etc.). Should you plan on a full career in public accounting, you will be required to earn CPA certification to advance your career. Because of the predominance of opinion audits and taxation issues, public accounting professionals must have an accounting license.

Many mid- to upper-level positions in private industry either mandate accounting certification or at least prefer that you have one. In complex financial companies (banks, investment firms, venture capital, etc.), even mid-level management positions may require an accounting license for reasons of compliance and analysis. In these industries and some others, senior level accounting positions (Vice President of Accounting, Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, etc.) may require CPA certification.

Other companies, even in senior level job situations, may state that a CPA license or MBA is preferred or required, with “or” being the key word. These companies believe that, since the primary accounting functions are not more important than the business management responsibilities, they are comfortable with an MBA holder who has proven himself/herself to also be a competent accountant.



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