How Long Does It Take To Get an Accounting Education?

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How Long Does It Take to Get an Accounting Education?

How Long Does It Take To Get an Accounting Education?

Because of the ever-changing landscape of corporate, government, and international operations, the real-world answer to the question, “How long does it take to get an accounting education?” is forever! However, on a pragmatic level, the following time periods are widely standard:

  • Associate's Degree: 18 to 24 months
  • Bachelor's Degree: 36 to 48 months
  • Masters Degree or MBA: 15 to 24 months
These time frames depend on the level of accounting education you desire, your area of specialization (if any) and the school or university you attend. The many schools now offering all three levels of degrees online give you more flexibility to accelerate your studies or slow them down, depending on your career plans, finances or current employment environment and responsibility. If you desire to become licensed as a CPA, you now need at least 150 credit hours of study, normally a bit more than a standard Bachelor's degree requires. However, most top business schools have adjusted their curriculum to meet this relatively new requirement. Accredited accounting schools, whether online or on campus, will provide the accounting education you need to succeed.



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