Good Ways to Learn About Accounting Schools

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What Are the Best Ways to Learn About Accounting Schools?

Good Ways to Learn About Accounting Schools

The best method to learn about an accounting school, of course, would be to “try out” the school of your choice. Since that is realistically impossible, you must use every source of information available. First, use the Internet to its maximum. Check out the websites of many potentially acceptable accounting schools, but don't stop there. A college or university website has at least one characteristic of all company sites: It hopes to portray the company, in this case the school, in the best light imaginable. Make a further investigation by finding independent websites that have information and/or evaluations of accounting programs and schools. Without a profit motive or specific “agenda,” third-party school evaluations performed by qualified people can be very helpful.

Contact with alumni offices can also provide useful data. Obviously, they are not disinterested parties,but they may have good information that clarifies other questions you have about undergraduate conditions and post-graduate employment or careers. This data can help you both get a better “feel” for the school and help you evaluate the level of employment assistance you can expect shortly before graduation.

Finally, don't forget your “network” of friends, family, co-workers, etc. who can sometimes provide excellent information about top business schools. They may have some inside or real world information about some schools you are considering. While you should never accept pure opinions as fact, knowledge is power. Hence, the more information you have, the better equipped you are to make good decisions.



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