How To Select a Top Accounting School

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How Should I Select a Top Accounting School?

How To Select a Top Accounting School

To use an obvious recommendation, “do your homework.” Using the Internet as your first reference target, learn as much as you can about the opinions of others as to what drove an accounting school to reside in the “top” category. Remember, these are opinions, not statements of absolute fact. Find out what criteria was used to develop any numerically-rated rankings you uncover. Is it quality of knowledge (always a subjective assessment), percentage of job placements, number of graduates that continue on to graduate school or the quantity of graduates that reach high level professional positions? After you learn the ranking criteria, decide how important their criterion is to you and your career plans.

The right school, college, and university are a very important but – also a personal choice. All students go through the struggle of selecting the best school for their future goals and objectives. With the many choices available for earning an accredited accounting degree, you should examine all the options, including online programs, which are great choices if you're already working and time is at a premium.

The most important factor is – how do you feel about the accounting school? Are you comfortable? Excited? Motivated? Bored? Turned off? Trust your feelings about a school, regardless of how highly rated it might be. This can be especially important with online accounting schools. Has your contact with the school -- via e-mail, telephone or snail mail --been rewarding, informative, friendly?



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